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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a child on the Parent Portal?

**New Members to Boys & Girls Clubs**
A parent or guardian and child must attend a New Member Orientation prior to enrolling. Orientation is mandatory for all new Club members and any returning 6th grader transitioning into the teen program. Please contact the site you’d like your children to attend to schedule an orientation. Further directions for enrollment will be given at orientations.
**Current/Past Boys & Girls Club Members**
If you have previously enrolled in our programs with a paper application, you may create a Parent Portal account with your parent/guardian information however, please DO NOT continue with adding your Club member(s) information. Please see the Club's front desk to connect your new Parent Portal account with the existing Club member.

I’ve created my profile and added my Club members, how do I enroll?

After your child’s information is updated/connected in the Parent Portal:
  • Select "Enroll" from bar the top of the screen
  • Choose child you want to enroll in new service
  • Choose Clubhouse location
  • Choose service for which you want to enroll
  • Choose rate for which you qualify and verify that the rate selected is correct. Please see "Income Sliding Scale" to determine which rate your household qualifies for.
  • Continue to Payment Options
Billing Information
  • Enter Credit/Debit Card information
  • Click Pay and Complete Enrollment
  • Read and click Agree to the Terms & Conditions
You have enrolled your child in the service(s) you have selected!
Note: Your child is NOT enrolled until you have followed the steps above to enroll them in a service.
 To enroll in additional services (Early Birds/transportation) or additional children, please go back to the Enroll tab to add that service. At this time, each service and/or child needs to be added and paid for separately.

How do I change/update information about my child?

 Step 1: Choose Profiles and then Members from top of website, and select the child you want to update
Step 2: Choose the tab with the information you want to update
Step 3: Choose "Edit This Information" below the information
Step 4: Change the information and click "Update this Information"

Which Club/Unit should I choose for my child?

Many families select the Club closest to their homes or schools they are attending.
Members may only be enrolled at one location. See "How do I switch Clubs" for information on changing your Club selection.
Each site varies in the ages of the members it serves, as well as the hours it is open. Please see our website  for more information about our Club sites.  

How do I switch Clubs?

When enrolling through the Parent Portal, the members' home Club is the location they are enrolled at when selected from the drop down menu in the Enroll screen.
Members may request to transfer Clubhouses at any time during the membership year. In order to request a transfer, a parent/guardian must complete a Transfer Request Form at the members home Clubhouse.
Members must wait one full business day after submitting their transfer request to begin attending at the new Clubhouse. All membership transfers must be approved by the Club Directors at both locations. Members may not transfer Clubhouses while under disciplinary restrictions.
It is recommended that before transferring Clubhouses, members and parent/guardians attend an orientation at the new Club site. Please call the Club you wish to transfer to, to schedule an orientation.

How do I withdraw my child from the program?

Membership fees are non-refundable.
If you would like to withdraw from a program or activity, please call or e-mail your Club directly to withdraw from a service.

How do I pay with Cash/Check?

In order to complete an enrollment via the Parent Portal, payment must be made in full via credit/debit card.
If you would like to pay via cash/check, please come visit the front desk at the Club you wish to attend and we will complete your enrollment after payment is made. Your spot is not guaranteed until payment is made.

Do you offer scholarships or payment plans?

 Payment plans and scholarships are available to assist families.  
Partial or full scholarships are available to those who qualify. Please fill out a Scholarship Request form at your Club’s front desk to apply for a scholarship.
Payment Plans are available to those families who need a little extra time to pay their fees. Members under payment plans must maintain scheduled payments in order to participate in additional Club services (field trips, intramurals, or early birds). Contact your Club to arrange a payment plan that works for your family’s needs.

Elementary - School Year Fee Structure

School Year Registration Fee:
    • An annual membership fee of $30 is due at the time of registration.
Activity Fees:
    • $50 per month - Standard Rate
    • $30 per month - Reduced Rate
    • $5 per day - Daily Fee Option
Activity Fee's are be based on household family income (see FAQ link  "Income Sliding Scale for Monthly Activity Fees" at the top of the FAQ Page). Families who qualify for the free/reduced-price meal program at school will not be charged a monthly fee.
Monthly Activity Fees will be charged starting on the first of the following month.
For members who only come once or twice a month, instead of a monthly fee, a daily fee of $5.00 per child will be charged.
Activity fees apply only to elementary-aged members.
Automatic Payments are available through the Parent Portal.

Summer Fee Structure

The fee's listed below are for ELEMENTARY & MIDDLE SCHOOL members only.
Summer Registration Fee:
    • A registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.
    • $80 - Standard Rate
    • $10 - Reduced Rate**
Session Fees:
    • $10 per session - Standard Rate
    • $5 per session - Reduced Rate**
High School Students:
    • $10 registration fee
    • No session fee or sign up required.
** Households whose income qualifies for free/reduced lunch at school, qualify for reduced rates**

Income Sliding Scale for Summer Fees

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Academic Release - More Information

Our goal at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Washington is for every child to have a successful and enjoyable experience in our program that prepares them for the future.  We measure our effectiveness by looking at how attendance at Boys & Girls Clubs impacts the academics, character and health of your child.  
Part of this analysis will be done using academic information such as attendance, grades, standardized test scores and school behavior, which may be shared with Boys & Girls Club staff and volunteers working with your child.  Your consent for release of this information is needed.  
Information will be collected as needed.  Student information may be grouped and summarized for reports to the community and parents to show positive impacts of the program.  Strict guidelines are in place to ensure confidentiality.  
By indicating YES to the Academic Release consent question on in your child’s Parent Portal profile, you give consent this academic release.
Your participation will enable us to work more individually with your child and to  improve our programs.  Please note, however, you do not have to participate for your child to attend the Boys & Girls Club.  You may withdraw your permission at any time by notifying Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Washington in writing.  
If you have any questions please contact your Club Director.
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